[Nottingham] Response on awareness day

Peter Chang Peter.Chang at nottingham.ac.uk
Thu Nov 3 17:46:10 GMT 2005

On Thu, 3 Nov 2005, Martin wrote:

> Please speak for yourself and let others speak for themselves also. 
> We're waiting for a little feedback if you hadn't realised. Or are we 
> kicking a dead body?
> Now, your own point is?

Well, speaking for myself, I do think Mr Simms's and your tirade were
ill-conceived and inappropriate.

Just because a small subset of the list's members are very active in
meeting up and organising events, it doesn't mean the rest are obliged to
volunteer their own time and energy to help out. People's motivations for
being on this list very obviously vary. Some are out to change the world,
others are struggling with their Linux setups and still others sit back
and watch and occasionally help out.

Ranting and raving and name calling is not showing great leadership or
managerial skills. Get people on your side and willing to help out, create
a warm fuzzy feeling for those that do volunteer. Plan ahead and
realistically - don't expect people to be able and willing to put in as
much time as the main organisers.


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