[Nottingham] Response on awareness day

gary smith laccata at ntlworld.com
Thu Nov 3 23:48:00 GMT 2005

Martin wrote:

>> I believe that you owe a lot of people an apology.
> Please state you case and in what way. An apology to you for what?
" I am disappointed, bordering on disgusted with the
LUG members, and this includes everyone on the list."

That includes me then?

Could you please let me know, explicitly, that you include me in the 
list of those who have disappointed and almost disgusted you, because it 
certainly seems that way ...

"I would like to personally thank each and every one of you for wasting 
my money on that."

Let's arrange a suitable time and place for you to give that apology 
personally.  Maybe a few more people will participate.

> (Or is this for some imaginary "group" with certain imagined "traits".)
Why do you quote "group" and "traits"?

Now you're babbling.  One more time - " ... the LUG members, and this 
includes _everyone_ on the list." (emphasis added)  Your words.  I 
assume that you don't believe the list members to be an imaginary group?

>> Please reflect and try to mature a little.
> Please speak for yourself 
I did.  And I'll so do again.  Today has been a bad day for you.

>and let others speak for themselves also. 
And that's what other LUG members have been doing all day.

It's a bit rich coming from someone who has so publicly drawn 
conclusions about the entire membership of the LUG and 400 list members.

"I managed to find the time, so lack of time is NOT an excuse"

So who made this excuse?  Surely not an imaginary "group" with imagined 
"traits"?  You're not speaking for someone else are you?

"None of you can finger point and say 'it wasnt me' because it was."
No ifs or buts here.  Very explicit.  Each and every one of us is guilty.

"None of you can say 'sorry, ..."
Judging by today's mail, I think this is spot on.

"... I was too busy' because trust me, you are probably not as busy as I 
am, running 2 companies."

... and answering fan mail.

So, let others speak for themselves?  Good advice.  Take it.

> We're waiting 

 >for a little feedback if you hadn't realised.

Just how much feedback does it take?

You've had more than a little feedback today.  Most of it saying much 
the same as me.  Your comments showed nothing but contempt for a good 
many people whom you have probably never met, and about whom you know 
absolutely nothing.

> Now, your own point is?
That your outburst was emotional. irrational and completely unwarranted.
You insulted every member on the list, explicitly, and that therefore 
you should apologise and grow up.

"why the hell should we give any of the many of you that have asked
for help advice, the help and advice we have so freely offered in the

I may be wrong, but it sounds like the help and advice you want to give 
is not really freely given.  It seems to me that you have some sort of 
emotional attachment to it, and give it conditionally.  Either your 
advice is given freely or it is not.

And once again, you seem to b speaking for other people ("why the hell 
should we give ...").

"Are you all going to let us down on
that too?"

What do you think?

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