[Nottingham] Response on awareness day

Martin martin at ml1.co.uk
Fri Nov 4 00:23:40 GMT 2005

gary smith wrote:

OK, another salvo...

And you really do need to be more accurate with your quoting. Note that 
there is Michael, and then there is me, and that I am called Martin. I 
use different words to those of Michael...

 > Martin wrote:
>>> I believe that you owe a lot of people an apology.
>> Please state you case and in what way. An apology to you for what?
> " I am disappointed, bordering on disgusted with the
> LUG members, and this includes everyone on the list."
> That includes me then?

Do you feel that accurately describes you and that you are an active 
member of whatever it is that "NLUG" is?

> Let's arrange a suitable time and place for you to give that apology 
> personally.  Maybe a few more people will participate.

And your response to us would be?

You are very welcome to an apology from myself, and likely from Michael, 
if you were to meet us at Green's Mill at 10am (Friday or Saturday) with 
PC and enthusiasm to be part of the volunteer effort that is Linux.

>> (Or is this for some imaginary "group" with certain imagined "traits".)
> Why do you quote "group" and "traits"?

I have no idea how you are applying your descriptions. You seem to have 
an air of godliness about you that you speak for "the many". And yet you 
admit that you have never met me and yet you still claim to speak for 
"the many"... Are you a prophet?

[... Various ramblings ...]
>  >for a little feedback if you hadn't realised.
> Just how much feedback does it take?
> You've had more than a little feedback today.  Most of it saying much 
> the same as me.  Your comments showed nothing but contempt for a good 
> many people whom you have probably never met, and about whom you know 
> absolutely nothing.

And you've not read today's threads then, or you're just yourself being 
blindly self-indignant.

You've given the one negative that you 'didn't like my tone of words'. 
Good, that was intended. Now give something POSITIVE whereby you might 
deserve something positive from me. (Note: "me personally", this 
maillist is itself a "group" that is different again to those that 
socialise in person and get something done.)

>> Now, your own point is?
> That your outburst was emotional. irrational and completely unwarranted.
> I may be wrong, but it sounds like the help and advice you want to give 
> is not really freely given.  It seems to me that you have some sort of 
> emotional attachment to it, and give it conditionally.  Either your 
> advice is given freely or it is not.

There's got to be a visible working balance. Otherwise, volunteer 
efforts break apart. Note that this group is completely voluntary.

So what do you care?

> And once again, you seem to b speaking for other people ("why the hell 
> should we give ...").
> "Are you all going to let us down on
> that too?"
> What do you think?

FYI: The "group" referred to there is the small group of NLUG doers.

Sounds like you're on the maillist only and the "NLUG" part is an 
irrelevance to you.

Come to a meeting and we can discuss further.


Aside: Look at the first two posting on this thread for whom said what.

Martin Lomas
martin at ml1.co.uk

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