[Nottingham] Geographical independence of electronic commuincation

gary smith laccata at ntlworld.com
Fri Nov 4 10:30:58 GMT 2005

Duncan John Fyfe wrote:
> Simple question really,
Not so.

> Of the list members who have no interest in the geographically based LUG activities
You cannot assume that someone has no interest just because they don't 
participate.  Some may have no interest.  Some may have little interest, 
but some may have personal reasons/situations which prevent 
participation.  One just does not know, and cannot make baseless 

> why do you feel Nottingham LUG is/was/could be a better place to hang out and talk Linux than 
> one (or all) of the many news groups (uk.comp.os.linux, comp.os.*, etc) or any other LUG for that matter ?
Again, just because someone subscribes to nottingham doesn't mean they 
feel that it is better (or worse) than any other news group etc.  Some 
people subscribe to many groups, and for various personal reasons.


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