[Nottingham] Apache Questions + Logwatch

Mike Haber Mike.Haber at nottingham.ac.uk
Mon Nov 14 09:47:40 GMT 2005

Hi There,
thanks for the advice;
>>>> graeme at graemef.net 11/11/2005 16:34:59 >>>
>On Fri 11 Nov 2005 16:04:54 GMT , Michael Erskine <msemtd at yahoo.co.uk> wrote:
>>> First up, I'm serving pages from user-dirs on apache , ie out of
>>> /home/<username>/public_html. What would I add to the conf file to access
>>> the pages through www.site.com/<username> as well as
>>> www.site.com/~<username>?
>Hint: UserDir /home/*/public_html

This just seem to serve users pages with the ~. I want to server users pages with or without the ~. Preferably with a one-liner in httpd.conf :-)

>>> Lastly, logwatch:
>>> the email I get from logwatch seem to be truncated after a certain number
>>> of lines. Any ideas how to stop this, or is it nothing to do with logwatch
>>> and everything to do with something else. </signal>

>Do you want to change "Detail"?

I could change the detail so the emails are smaller, but I'd like to keep the detail the same, just not have truncated emails from logwatch :-) It's the bit thats been truncated that's gonna be really important.....


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