[Nottingham] Image list

Martin martin at ml1.co.uk
Fri Dec 1 12:27:22 GMT 2006

Robert Ross wrote:
> Hi Mike / Roger,
> Thanks for the info on imagemagick.
>> Imagemagick has a command line tool called identify. Running 
>> this gives:
>> $identify /var/www/images/yourunion.gif 
>> /var/www/images/yourunion.gif GIF 761x87 761x87+0+0 
>> PseudoClass 128c 28kb 0.000u 0:01
> Two problems (I think):
> - I don't have Imagemagick :-) - it's an old machine and I would rather
> keep it as 'clean and lean' as possible.

Imagemagick _is_ lean!

> - Would this provide a list of all the images in the folder, or just one
> at a time (which I can get via Konqueror).

Just use the "info view" on Konqueror. (View -> View mode -> Info List View)

Or indeed you can tweak your own custom view format.

> I know this can be done via M$ which has an option in explorer to show
> these details in it's file listing window.  Just thought there might be
> a similar option via bash or Konqueror.

Spit! So we've got to munge Konqueror to be M$?! ;-)


Martin Lomas
martin at ml1.co.uk

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