[Nottingham] how to proceed

Martin martin at ml1.co.uk
Fri Sep 1 11:15:44 BST 2006

John wrote:
> Reet
> KUbuntu is doing my head in. It seems really clunky on a dual boot
> machine that runs XP fine ( well, as fine as XP can actually run!). I

How much RAM has your machine got and how good are the CPU and GPU? Are
you using an "integrated graphics" motherboard??...

The KDE desktop and associated gimmicks are rather intensive and do need
a recent well specced machine to be comfortable.

> subconsciously got used to XFCE, so I want to toast KUbuntu, and put
> XUbuntu on to make the learning curve more shallow. I find myself

You can load up XFCE onto your existing Kubuntu. See:

HOWTO: correctly install/remove k/x/ed/ubuntu-desktop packages

> plotting death threats to the silly 'bubbles' that come up when I move

That's a very Microsoft-esq response to unwanted computer interaction
training the human operator (the user) to salivate... (Think Pavlov!)

Remember that you have control to change things :-)

> does this sound like a good plan of action?

Experiment and see what works for how you want to work!

One bit of advice is to have "/home" in its own partition.

> Any advice more than welcome. ( I really must try and get to a NLUG
> event....)

You'll be most welcome on all counts.

Good luck with your hackings,


Martin Lomas
martin at ml1.co.uk

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