[Nottingham] Rt2500 wireless card, ubuntu dapper, WPA

John Cremona john.cremona at gmail.com
Mon Sep 4 22:50:42 BST 2006

I have a rt2500 wireless card on my laptop and a wireless access point
talking happily to each other, but using WEP.  One day I intend to
reconfigure it all to work with WPA for greater security but have
never got round to it...since it works as it is and I will probably
break something!   (The WAP is attached to a server running SUSE 9.3,
the laptop runs debian, but there's at least one XP user in the house
who would not be pleased if she were cut off...)

So I have not answered your question, but am not sure what you don't
like about what you have!

John Cremona

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