[Nottingham] TV cards and Linux

Brian Pickford Brian at brianpickford.co.uk
Thu Sep 14 19:46:11 BST 2006

Peter Chang wrote:

> I run mythtv at home but record off ntl rather than Freeview. It works
> okay to a certain extent - only the video output is a little poor but
> that's only noticeable on fast-changing scenes. Not sure if it's the
> Plextor encoding box or the cheapo ATI graphics card.
I have had this issue with a pvr 350 capture card and a cheapish nvidia 
gfx card with tv out. I have found that the correct mode-line and the 
latest ivtv (for the correct kernel version) cleared this problem up.

I dont use the tv out on the pvr350 because it used to have problems 
with dvd play back.

> I wouldn't recommend it for the faint-hearted but if you're technically
> competent, confident and got a bit of spare time to research and hack,
> it's a worthwhile project.

Agreed - its a lot of trial and error esp. if you build the channel 
changeing unit for the ntl box - then you need 2 lirc installs (oh the 
hours of fun I've had there) but the finished article is well worth the 
effort imo.



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