[Nottingham] PCI SATA adapter (or backup suggestions)

Graeme Fowler graeme at graemef.net
Tue Apr 10 17:44:52 BST 2007


I'm looking to beef up my system at home to include a pair (or more)
SATA drives additional to the software mirrored pair it currently
contains. At the moment, we have the mirror but no other form of backup
(eek!) so there's always the possibility of me dropping a clanger and
wiping out the system.

At that point I will be mercilessly hunted and flayed by Mrs Fowler who
wouldn't be best pleased at losing 7 or so years of digital
photographs :-/

As my mobo only has two SATA ports, and they're occupied with the
existing WD Caviar drives, can anyone recommend a PCI SATA adapter that:

a) has kernel-included drivers
b) has four or more ports
c) doesn't attempt to do fakeraid
d) doesn't cost the earth... limited budget!

I'm willing to consider external units, but the speed of a USB connected
drive makes me quake with fear. Also, desk space is limited, but case
slots are cheap and available for internal drives... heat aside. I keep
seeing these el-cheapo "network ready storage" gadgets but having spent
some time dealing with big enterprise-style storage (NetApp, EMC, Sun,
StorageTek and the like) they make me laugh :)



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