[Nottingham] Hardware problem

Martin martin at ml1.co.uk
Tue Apr 10 21:22:38 BST 2007

Peter Aldred wrote:
> Update:
> Still no luck, unfortunately. Running out of things to try, we replaced
> the motherboard and the IDE cable. XP installed and ran for an hour or
> so, only to abruptly restart partway through...

> We're now out of ideas, and about to throw the box out of the window!
> The only possible thing we can think of is perhaps some sort of short
> circuit occurring via the case - is this at all likely?

All things are possible, somewhere!

It certainly sounds like you've got some sort of hardware problems.

First is to visually inspect the innards and make sure that there are no
loose bits or dubious leads and that the CPU heatsink isn't about to
fall off...

If you're sure the motherboard mounting and case are ok and so on then:

Check the system with "Memtest86+". I think that this comes as a
"Memtest" option at bootup on the latest (K)ubuntu CDs;

If ok through all the tests, then check the HDD with a diagnostics
program. I prefer the DOS based one from HGST. Or, boot up a liveCD and
use badblocks to test the disk operation;

Also looking at the HDD smart data should prove interesting.

One thing not to overlook is whether your PSU is ok...

Good luck?


Martin Lomas
martin at ml1.co.uk

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