[Nottingham] Talk - Thursday 19th April

Jason Cozens jason.cozens at computer.org
Tue Apr 10 20:21:58 BST 2007

Martin Lomas has asked me to give a talk about the work I'm doing on
scheduling and the GNU Hurd.

It will be a bit rough, but the things I've been looking at are:

        - Commodity Computing
        - Making Operating Systems Reliable and Secure
        - The Problem With Threads
        - Gnu Mach and MicroKernels (L4 and QNX)
        - History of Gnu Hurd
        - A Critique of Gnu Hurd

        - Eager Queues (My stuff mainly in c# at the moment)

        - Scheduling

        - Why are silicon chips so small?

I can try and get something coherent out of this.
What do people want to know about?
I've got a live CD of the Hurd which I can show.
I'm working on the 4 CD install at the moment.

On a practical note what equipment will be available?
Is there a projector?

I can bring a box for running the Hurd but is there something I can show
an OpenOffice.org presentation on?

Regards, Jason.

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