[Nottingham] Tux Games Antispam - Your message is being held

Martin martin at ml1.co.uk
Tue Dec 11 14:22:41 GMT 2007

Chris Burton wrote:
>> But also too common a problem with "Bounce" messages sent out from
>> various mail servers.
> Thats why we have milter-null (and other similar tools), which IMO works
> wonders and cuts down 1000's of bounces for mails I didn't send atleast.

And I too have got my "anti-spam" set to automatically discard all
bounce messages.

Looks like the spammers have completely rendered useless one mechanism
of email that was useful in the past. Now if you innocently mistype an
address, or if there is some other type of whatever mail problem, your
mail just gets lost into oblivion...

> If C/R worked at the SMTP level and just rejected the message and told
> the user to click on X link it would be a better solution IMO but the
> problem is how the errors get reported back to the user... most of them
> would never see the real reason for the rejection.

Now that's a neat idea...

I guess the problems of email spam is why most websites now only give a
hideous "web form" for you to type into to send whatever message...

Perhaps the spammers will indeed force the death of email smtp and we
then must suffer web-forms with ever more obscure captchas...


Martin Lomas
martin at ml1.co.uk

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