[Nottingham] Odd Mandrake problems

Richard Davies richard at tollyboy.demon.co.uk
Tue Feb 6 14:11:25 GMT 2007

On Monday 05 February 2007 23:48, Martin wrote:

Thanks Martin,

> Errrrrrrr... "No network connection", "extremely computer illiterate",
> "SNAIL MAIL", "one CD drive no floppy and no network"...

That is my understanding of the problem.

> This sounds rather like the Monty Python scene where the Black Knight is
> /still/ arbitrarily defending an insignificant bridge lost in the depths
> of the forest even though he has just had all his arms and legs chopped
> off by the Good King Arthur (King of The Britons)...

> "C'mon then, what are ye waitin' fur? I'll head butt you to death!"

I must be getting old I thought it sounded more like the Goon Show. I can just 
see Eccles caught up in the middle of that somewhere.

> OK... Sooooo.....  ... (!) ...
> My best suggestion is...
> Careful timing considering sleep patterns, the rotation of The Earth,
> position of the sun, and telco charges (or whatever their 'special
> offers');
> (Possible consideration of the significance of the phase of the moon
> depending on the maturity of said female friend...);

Consider she may turn into a werewolf at full moon.

> Prior posting of a VFAT formatted 2 GByte USB flash memory drive;

First step write to her and actually confirm she actually  has a USB port on 
this damn box and get one of her windows mates to actually open the box and 
tell me what on earth is in it.

> Also prior posting of a MandrivaOne LiveCD (and a DSL LiveCD as backup);

> EXPLICIT step-by-step instructions;

> A dry run yourself of the "EXPLICIT step-by-step instructions";

> Whatever supply of your favourite beverage/drink;

A large keg of cider then.


> A very comfortable repose before dialing her number;

> And good luck.

> [And paraphrasing a certain well know TV series and films] "These
> instructions will self destruct in 5 seconds."

> May the (empathy) force be with you!
> Martin


> (Or, ship her a new pre-loaded PC?)

But that doesn't recover the data she wants off the current hard drive.
If I believe her and she is a bit strange so I probably should her back up 
strategy is to print and file hard copy.


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