[Nottingham] UMPC recommendations?

Steve Caddy steve.m.caddy at ntlworld.com
Mon Aug 4 13:47:39 BST 2008

Danny King wrote:

> A question I have is, how feasible would it be to use a UMPC (e.g. the
> size of the eee) for taking notes during lectures or for working on
> generally? Too small?

Think of it like this: how easy is it to lose/have stolen a trendy piece of 
hardware with ALL your notes on it verses an A4 ring binder with one or two 
module's notes in it? In three or four years time will the trendy piece of 
hardware still work having been lugged around extensively?

By all means, type up your notes if your quick handwriting is that bad, and 
nothing's better for doing lots of typing on than a full size keyboard in front 
of a monitor at the correct height, with space for a mug of coffee. I used to 
only write on one side of each page, then any clarification, or extra notes 
from text books, could go on the other side... the tried and tested way of 
taking notes.

Sorry to sound like a total bore, but I think you should invest in a box of 
biros, a load of A4 pads, and some ring binders... purely from a practical 
perspective, and best value for money. Plus you won't look like an total geek 
during lectures (just about everyone uses paper and pen).


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