[Nottingham] Call for emergency help

Matthew Walster matthew at walster.org
Tue Aug 12 08:12:06 UTC 2008

Not worth getting one of these for a couple of months?


Matthew Walster

2008/8/11 michael Simms <msimms42 at googlemail.com>:
> Greetings all.
> I'm currently without my usual email addresses, due to incompetence beyond
> measure at BT.
> Long story short, I moved house and BT *royally* screwed up my net
> connection.
> Short story long at http://www.tuxgames.com
> I'm hoping someone out there in LUG land can help. I'm desperately in need
> of some hosting for about a month with the following:
> Minimum:
> 2 static IP's
> space for a tower case
> Would be nice
> 3 static IPs
> space for a tower and a mid case
> BT cant help cos of their messups, and my line wont go active for a month.
> Virgin take 21 days to get me a line up, so that's not feasable. Even
> ineedbroadband cant help as I am in a blackspot. Colo hosting wont help cos
> they aren't rackable servers and so the costs are *hideous*, to the rate of
> the cost of 4U of servers for each machine. I'm utterly out of options.
> So, does anyone out there have an ADSL line or something in their house with
> 2-3 spare static IPs and space for one or two boxes for a period of about a
> month.
> Id happily pay someone something reasonable, and/or buy many pints as thanks
> and/or give whoever can help a whole handful of nice Linux games {:-).
> Expected costs for it would be no more than £10 worth of electricity for
> both boxen, and bandwidth use isn't actually that high, it just hosts the
> text of pages.
> If anyone could help, I would be hugely indebted.
> Michael Simms
> CEO of currently invisible companies {:-(
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