[Nottingham] HOT Dating one-liner contest

Michael Erskine (at home!) perl at tecspy.com
Mon Jan 14 19:29:47 GMT 2008

Matthew Sackman wrote:
 > And yes, this is a Literate Haskell program so just copy and paste
 > this email into a file.lhs and ghci it.

 > Same number of lines of code as the Perl version and we actually have
 > some sort of guarantee running it won't cause the Moon to crash...

Well, I didn't think we were playing language golf here! I can come up 
with a much shorter version if you like!
WRT Literate Haskell program, the Moon didn't crash...

     Could not find module `Data.Time':
       locations searched:

...at first I thought it was just being lazy :) but I suppose the module 
doesn't get pulled into Gutsy as standard with ghc or haskell-utils. How 
are modules located in Haskell? Do I need to set some sort of lib path?

In the meantime, do we have any offers in Scheme?

Michael Erskine.

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