[Nottingham] ubuntu 8:10 - the 'yawn' version

brian at brianpickford.co.uk brian at brianpickford.co.uk
Wed Nov 5 17:48:14 UTC 2008

I've recently switched to Ubuntu from suse in the first instance for my mythtv box. I had quite a bit of 'geting used to' to get over, but stuck with it. I've now installed it on my eeepc that I use at work

The things that set this distro apart IMO are the community support and the lack of build from source to get obscure things working.

I'll be sticking with Ubuntu considering I've now got the blue-tooth to phone and gcaldaemon stuff working. The desktop switcher is great eye candy and useful to boot, CIFS mount to our windows 2003 server works well. 

Just strugeling with the caps lock over tsclient now ...

Still plenty to praise and not much to disparage.

Cheers all,

I think Ubuntu 8.10 is absolutely amazing, a great improvement over the previous Ubuntu releases (which were already amazing). I have tried out LOADS of distros, but always keep going back to Ubuntu - there just is nothing like it, other distros just seem to be playing catch-up, basically. The NetworkManager is greatly improved (3G modem support, etc.), the way the shutdown button is integrated with the user switching button, guest account login, make live usb disk option, not to mention the legendary darkroom theme.

If you're gonna use kde, go all the way and use opensuse/windows... ;-)

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