[Nottingham] Next meeting

Thomas Preece thomas at tpreece.net
Tue Mar 17 08:59:26 UTC 2009

2009/3/17 Michael Erskine <msemtd at googlemail.com>:
> The next social is...
> whenever we want I suppose! This week is the right time for it I
> think.

Apparently the next social is tomorrow...

2009/2/20 ForkBombFluf <fluf at freeshell.org>:
> Next social will be a long overdue return to a place we've not been in a
> few years (no, relax, I'm not talking about an Information Day at Green's
> Windmill!)
> http://www.antalya.co.uk/
> On March 18th For some fine Turkish cuisine (and no doubt some
> complimentary liquor to wash it down [hic])

Also, the website is working fine for me...


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