[Nottingham] Oh how I laughed

Jason Irwin jasonirwin73 at gmail.com
Sun Dec 2 21:06:16 UTC 2012

On 02/12/12 19:34, Joshua Lock wrote:
> I don't have very thick skin and find the often insulting
> and aggressive complaints get to me at times.
Never take anything I say personally unless preceded by "Dear Joshua,". 
  As I've told my boss in the past, I don't do subtle.

> Usually this results in me gnashing my teeth at emails for a weeks and
> then unloading on someone. Mea culpa.
Meh.  Ignore 'em.  It's what I do.  And we all need to vent at times as 
well.  I do accept that in the dead language of text that nuances can 
get lost.

> ...the least we can do is try and help make it better by filing bug
> reports for any issues we run into...
And I intend to about these sound oddities.  I do normally log what I 
find (or sub to an existing bug).

>> When I sort it this time I'll bug it on the LUG site.  Promise.
Good news!  Centre and LFE are back (did I mention that already?)  Only 
problem now is that both front channels are playing out of front-left. 
Dunno why.  There's lots and lots of good info on this, but it all seems 
to stop around Hardy/Jaunty with "It just works now".  And have the alsa 
files have gone AWOL.  A curse upon progress I tells you!

> My olive branch is that I'll endeavour to try and drink coffee before
> I respond to any emails of a morning.
Screw the branch, where's the beer? :-)

Now, for some really good news.  rsync'd the Thunderbird folder off the 
server back onto the upgraded desktop, started Thunderbird and....bingo. 
  All works.  Awesome.  And even if it hadn't, I still had my mail in a 
fully documented standard that I could have dealt with.

Just a shame Sauerbraten won't connect to the main server.  I use that 
for, err, checking the graphics driver.  Yes, serious testing tool that 
is.  Ahem.

Only other thing to note is that's there's some odd freezes in Unity at 
times.  Not sure what that's all about (yet).

Jason Irwin

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