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Fri Jan 9 09:44:05 UTC 2015

The data on his screen is probably taken from the Electoral Roll, which is
publicly available in a printed form (and has been since, I think, 1918),
and provided electronically (at a cost, I believe) to people who pay for it
- the electronic version is the Open Register.   See

You can opt out of the Open Register.  This data is often used by credit
agencies, though, so opting out of open data can mean it takes longer for
any credit application to be processed.

CRB checking doesn't exist any more - you probably mean DBS checking.
People under 18 appear on the printed electoral register during the year in
which they will become entitle to vote, but not on the Open Register, so
DBS checking wouldn't apply.

David Aldred

On 9 January 2015 at 09:25, Dan Caseley <dan at caseley.me.uk> wrote:

> Morning,
> I've just been through a rather concerning interaction with a tram
> conductor regarding the issuing of a penalty notice, and am looking for
> some advice as to what, if anything, to do.
> Under the premise of sending me a letter, he asked for personal
> information. After arguing, I agreed to provide name & address. Once he'd
> taken this info, he asked how long I lived at my address. I told him it
> wasn't relevant. He said it was because I didn't appear. A glance at his
> screen showed he held names for the previous owners of our house. Should he
> have this info? Especially if it's inaccurate?
> Following this, he tried to ply me for my home phone and DOB. I
> wrong-numbered him but refused the DOB as it wasn't necessary for a letter.
> He argued his system needed it. I offered to provide a fake one. He
> insisted on a real one. I asked why. He dropped the matter.
> I've emailed NET to ask where the data came from and whether the operators
> of the terminals are CRB checked.
> Am I unduly concerned? Is there anything else I can or should do?
> Thanks for reading and for any advice,
> Dan
> FWIW, I didn't have a ticket because of a broken ticket machine, and I'm
> aware that I was likely in breach of their bylaws by boarding.
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