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* on the Fri, Jan 09, 2015 at 09:25:38AM +0000, Dan Caseley wrote:

> I've just been through a rather concerning interaction with a tram
> conductor regarding the issuing of a penalty notice, and am looking for
> some advice as to what, if anything, to do.
> Under the premise of sending me a letter, he asked for personal
> information. After arguing, I agreed to provide name & address. Once he'd
> taken this info, he asked how long I lived at my address. I told him it
> wasn't relevant. He said it was because I didn't appear. A glance at his
> screen showed he held names for the previous owners of our house. Should he
> have this info? Especially if it's inaccurate?

Home ownership is public information. You can find out who owns/owned a
particular address from the Land Registry. You usually have to pay to do
a lookup, but I imagine some organisations can get more direct access to
the data.

> Following this, he tried to ply me for my home phone and DOB. I
> wrong-numbered him but refused the DOB as it wasn't necessary for a letter.
> He argued his system needed it. I offered to provide a fake one. He
> insisted on a real one. I asked why. He dropped the matter.

JOOI, what reason did he give to convince you that you needed to tell
him anything? I imagine in this scenario you could just walk away without
giving any information, with no consequences? Assuming there isn't an
idle policeman within shouting range of the conductor...

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