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Jason Irwin jasonirwin73 at gmail.com
Tue Jun 28 07:48:42 UTC 2016

On 27/06/16 23:37, Martin via Nottingham wrote:
> Mr Johnson denied a victory for Leave could be linked to immigration...
> ... MEP Daniel Hannan insisted the public had not been misled over how
> much control the country would have over immigration post-Brexit.
So they admit to false advertising and misleading on a public vote? 
Isn't that acting against the interests of their country? I'm sure have 
a word for that. Oh yes: treason. Not just them, the entire Leave campaign.

Johnson, just like Cameron, now doesn't have the balls to follow their 
conviction. Although in his case it never was a conviction anyway. 
Johnson only went Leave so he could lose and position himself as some 
"Defender of Great Britain" figure at the next general election, rather 
than do what was actually right for the country. Well, serves him right 
for putting his petty desires before the fate of a nation.

It's gotten so bad right now, I find myself agreeing with Soubry! 
Unclean! Unclean!

> ... "Frankly, if people watching think that they have voted and there
> is now going to be zero immigration from the EU, they are going to be
> disappointed."
Indeed, because if we want to remain within the EEA we almost certainly 
have to maintain open boarders. Huzzah! We voted out but stay in and now 
have no voice. Well done. My, my, my. *slow clap*

Or we can go it alone in the globalised world, with no worker's 
protections etc and see how quickly we get made mincemeat of. We voted 
out. We didn't create a magic time machine that suddenly returns us to 
the days of Empire. We are a minnow on the world stage that has vague 
memories of being a Megalodon.

> ... The [Leave] campaign claim: We send £350m a week to Brussels,
> which could be spent on the NHS instead.
Ah, weasel words. "which could be". Not "that will be". Oh wait a 
minute, they did say that: https://i.imgur.com/Shgs6KB.jpg
Hello? Is that the ASA?...

> The current claim: The claim was a mistake, and we will not be able to
> spend that much extra on the NHS...
It wasn't a mistake. Everyone with more than one brain cell knew it 
wasn't £350m a week.
It was deliberate. Well...it was either a deliberate lie or the Leave 
campaign was to stupid to crunch the numbers. Neither prospect is 
particularly encouraging.

> ... The [Leave] campaign claim: The UK does not need preferential
> access to the single market.
No? So why on earth did we spend all our time within the EU whinging 
about needing special treatment?
Of course now, without any say, we have no hope of special treatment.
A level playing field? It's just not cricket!

> The current claim: The UK should get preferential access to the single
> market but will not have to accept freedom of movement to get it...
Ha ha ha ha! Who's been smoking what?

> But no country so far has managed a deal that allows full preferential
> access to the single market without having to accept freedom of movement.
Bingo. And all those who voted Leave (generally speaking; lower 
educated, poorer, middle-aged and white) will be in for a nasty shock 
when nothing changes. Other then them losing their jobs or suffering 
benefits cuts due to recession.

> Ms Sturgeon is to ask Holyrood on Tuesday to give her a mandate to
> negotiate with the EU...
Yup, and Scotland could well remain "In". Along with N.Ireland and 
Gibraltar (plus anyone else who wants to stay so).
There is (sort of) precedent for this. Parts of the UK were in, and 
parts were out already. All we're seeing here is a shift in scale.

The Welsh Assembly is in meltdown. Unlike most of their populace, the 
Assembly can do basic arithmetic and knows full well Westminster won't 
come to their aid.
The only parliamentarians showing any gumption are from Scotland and 
Gibraltar. Even the Scottish Tories and Labour are making intelligible 
(Don't know about N.Ireland, not heard much; jury is still out)

> Indeed 'bridges' and 'repairs' need to be quickly and clearly made.
Oh no. Scotland should build a wall and make the English pay for it. :-P

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