[Nottingham] Greggs

Martin martin at ml1.co.uk
Tue Aug 7 10:35:59 UTC 2018

On behalf of (too-big-an-image-now-compressed-down :-P ) John,

On 23/07/18 17:10, Jason Irwin via Nottingham wrote:
> On 23/07/18 09:29, Daryl via Nottingham wrote:
>> After the one in the gym all 3 screens in Greggs were out of action. I swear it's a conspiracy to sell support contracts.
> Windows 7 as well!
> I wonder if it spends 45 minutes every morning failing to install updates?

At least in Greggs you'll only get indigestion ..

Here's a picture of the pc at the boarding gate of a well known Irish
cut-price toilet-charging airline. Windows 7 - luxury !

It's good to know they take security seriously


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