[Nottingham] Greetings from the grim North

J jasonirwin73 at gmail.com
Sun Aug 26 19:12:50 UTC 2018

Hi all,

Just a quick message to say we completed the move OK and have nearly
finished all the unpacking. A 3 bed house does fit into a 2 bed flat (if
you hire a storage facility, put more boards into the loft and throw a lot
into the dump).

I'm finding being back in an office really weird, but Eva seems to be
coping OK with the two fur beasts for company. Speaking of them, Iggy and
Alice have been enjoying walks in the local park to terrorise the squirrels
and making themselves known in some of the (rather nice) local hostelries.

In IT, I have discovered that having Docker and KVM on the same box can
lead to...err...interesting times with bridged interfaces as Docker brings
various components up and down. So I am back to 100% KVM for the moment.
Still better than trying to run Docker and VMWare on the same Windows box,
as that takes VMWare out of action. Hysterically funny.

Also dropped OpenWRT 18.06 on to the router (that's the version with the
LEDE code merged back in) as the Fritz!Box was just missing too many
features (no DNS cache? Really?) and found myself having to go back over
the 4 part series I wrote for the NLug site. Might update that as as few
minor things have changed.

I'm still on the list, so I'll probably stick my nose in at some point. If
you're ever up this way (Glasgow, for those who may be wondering) then do
give me a shout and hopefully we can meet up.

Thanks for all the beer, help, chat and good times.

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