[Nottingham] Slow mouse with high CPU

Martin martin at ml1.co.uk
Thu May 17 08:57:06 UTC 2018


Good going on the transition to 100% GNU/Linix :-)

On 17/05/18 09:22, Daryl via Nottingham wrote:
> I'm several months in of 100% Linux usage for work and play and it's all
> working great. I've solved many little problems to get it all working as
> I like but one thing is beating me so far.
> When I have high CPU (one or more of the 8 cores running near max) my
> mouse movement slows right down and then speeds up again when it's over.
> However due to my workload I end up with unreliable movement.

A "busy-wait" on the mouse driver?

Or a noisy signal input causing the cursor to continuously jitter and so
max out an Xwin thread?...

> It's a Logitech Anywhere MX wireless mouse, the one with the dongle and
> not bluetooth. It's a new machine and I didn't experience this when I
> ran Windows. I suspect that the USB ports are not being polled or
> responding to interrupts or events.

For elimination/fix, try:

Cleaning the mouse?!

Try the mouse on a different surface?

In case of radio interference:

Move your mobile phone (and any other radio devices) over to the other
side of the room? (Or turn them completely OFF?)

Turn off any WiFi/Bluetooth you may also (inadvertently) have on?

(Including the Bluetooth headphones you're bopping away to? :-P )

Try a new mouse? (Those dongly things are RF abhorrent antiques! :-P )

Is your other half back home and blitzing the entire spectrum Texan
"Dukes of Hazard"-style?! :-P

> Anyway, I'm coming along tonight but thought I would post it here first
> in case there are any bright ideas!

Will be good to see you.


There's a good story for how at the Parkes or Arecibo(?) radio telescope
they were trying to track down strange alien signals that were picked up
on occasion. In true scientific style, the occurrences were
statistically mapped and showed very confusing astronomical positions.
They finally noticed a correlation with human canteen breaks and found a
leaky microwave oven...

See ya later,


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