[Nottingham] Secure cloud storage

Andy Smith andy at bitfolk.com
Wed May 27 14:56:56 UTC 2020


On Wed, May 27, 2020 at 10:20:04AM +0100, J J via Nottingham wrote:
> Thinking of using all the free cloud storage that is on offer for
> (encrypted) off-site back-ups and looking for a simple way to do it.

Does duplicity support the clouds you use?


I've been using it for ages to do encrypted backups to Amazon S3,
which is my backup of last resort┬╣ so I store it in the "Infrequent
Access" tier for cheapness. That means it would cost a bit more to
restore anything if I needed to, but that's all S3 stuff not
duplicity stuff.

There is fancier software that supports encrypted backup to cloud
providers, e.g. Restic:


If doing it over I might use that instead of Duplicity but I am very


┬╣ I have three tiers of backups with one being local and another
  being remote but only on one server. The last resort is in a
  cloud, currently Amazon S3; it is a less frequent backup with
  less history, which dramatically reduces the size of it.

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