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Dave Holmes Dave at neteffekt.co.uk
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Sounds like our situation we do the back end stuff an used to outsource the
pretty pictures the users like... We have since take on a designer who is
redoing our site in a web 2 style... Apparently lime green is this seasons
vogue... If you every have any design requirements we can help out with let
me know... 

Also handy to keep track of freelancers in the midlands, have you any
project examples?


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I'll dip in too to say hello.

I've just moved from London to Worcestershire. I've 8 years web dev
experience with most of that time being spent doing PHP/MySQL back-ends
though the in the last 4 years I've been doing far too much management and
not enough coding.

But happily I'm now freelancing again so most of my spare time is being used
to re-acquaint myself with things I'd forgotten (like producing decent XHTML
as I am no longer so able to outsource the template build) and also adding
some new things to my bow; top of the list is Cake and getting to know some
of the Ajax-y helper libraries like those at script.aculo.us.

List has seemed a bit quiet the past few weeks I've been lurking, do you
have meet-ups and things?


P.s. |apologies if this gets to the list more than once. I forgot which
email address I'd used to subscribe so got a few moderator bounces.

Darren Beale
Freelance Web Developer

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