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Dave Holmes Dave at neteffekt.co.uk
Thu Aug 31 08:50:17 BST 2006

I have also been looking at the ZEND framework for a project we are
currently designing, I have also looked at the other frameworks such as Cake
and Symphony and I am rapidly coming to the conclusion... Why do I need

After spending ages playing around with them I came to the enlightenment
that I already have my own in house framework which I have built up over
five years of commercial PHP development which allows me to snap together
the shell of a project very quickly using my own classes or existing open
source classes for.

Image manipulation 
PDF Generation 
Database Abstraction 
ZIP File manipulation 
Session Handling
Templating functionality
User account management
Exception handling & error logging

In fact so far the only reason I can find to event look at a framework is to
implement the MVC design paradigm, without giving myself a headache with
learning new class structures and the worry of implementing unstable code.

Which leads me on to my question, has anyone yet used one of these
frameworks for a commercial venture and how did you find them, did they give
you any advantages over your existing code libraries?

At the moment I am considering implementing my own light weight MVC class 


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Chris Allen wrote:
> Hi guys,

Welcome to PHPWM!

> I am currently looking at the codeigniter framework, to give me a 
> taste of objects and hopefully speed my development right up!

CodeIgniter seems quite good, as does CakePHP. Currently, I'm looking very
closely at the Zend Framework.

ZF is very different though in that it's not a "full stack" framework, but
more a set of components that work well together. I'm looking at seeing if I
can sort out a system to wire the bits together for the sort of sites I

The best thing to come out of all this hype about frameworks etc is that it
has raised awareness of the need to separate concerns. Especially between
the logic code and the view code. That's the biggest win in my opinion. The
choice of framework (or not!) is just an implementation detail :)

I'm always up for a meet-up. I don't know anywhere in Birmingham though.



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