[Phpwm] Frameworks....

Phil Beynon phil at infolinkelectronics.co.uk
Thu Aug 31 12:30:21 BST 2006

> Hi Rob & Dave,
> I see the need to question why you need to use a framework, but
> for me its
> good as I don't have a bunch of pre-written classes / functions,
> and it will
> give me a good feel for objects and the MVC way of doing things.

I personally prefer just writing code and reusing my own code on the grounds
that I learn more as I do it, I don't have to rely on someone elses testing
and ideas and its generally more fun.

> So where are you guys from? Be interested to see how many people
> are in the
> locality.

Home based in Stirchley in SW Birminham for me, and really looking forward
to the kids going back to school now, since the alternative is working till
3am when its all nice and quiet!

> Also is there a reason why I'm not picking up the mailing list in
> my inbox?
> I have to come to the site to view the thread archive.
> Chris


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