[Phpwm] Upgrading PHP Version on server.

David Goodwin david at codepoets.co.uk
Tue Dec 5 10:58:02 GMT 2006

Chris Allen wrote :
> I am about to upgrade the version of PHP on a server and need the advice of 
> as many gurus as possible, hence me posting on this list ;)
> The company linux server hosts websites for about 60 clients, and I need to 
> make the right choice so I don't break anything.
> The version at the moment is 4.1.2 (OLD!!) and the link to the phpinfo is:
> http://www.cms.istl.com/phpinfo.php
> But this is too old for the new framework I am using (codeigniter) as this 
> requires a minimum of 4.3 to run.
> I am trying to decide on which version is best to upgrade to, ideally it 
> would be v5.2, which is the very latest official release, but I am thinking 
> that could potentially cause problems with old code? I have no idea exactly 
> what php code is on the server, but I do know that there is a complex 
> invoice application running.
> Would it be safe to upgrade to v4.4.4, which is the latest of the 'fours', 
> or would it be wise to make the jump to the 'fives'?
> I hold my breath and await your words of wisdom :)
> Chris.

Hi Chris,

Your problem will be that any upgrade in from 4.1 could result in
problems - e.g. register globals being turned on/off by default etc.

See : http://uk2.php.net/releases/4_2_0.php - so you may need to edit
php.ini ...

And http://uk2.php.net/releases/4_4_0.php

I'd probably upgrade to 4.4.0, as i think upgrading to 5.X may be too
painful (i.e. people phone up saying their site no longer works).

If possible, it might be preferable to use a different server for php


David Goodwin 

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