[Phpwm] Upgrading PHP Version on server.

Zeth Green theology at gmail.com
Tue Dec 5 12:38:56 GMT 2006

> But this is too old for the new framework I am using (codeigniter) as this
> requires a minimum of 4.3 to run.
> I am trying to decide on which version is best to upgrade to, ideally it
> would be v5.2, which is the very latest official release, but I am thinking
> that could potentially cause problems with old code? I have no idea exactly

If you really have to upgrade PHP then I would not go beyond 4.4.4,
going up to 5 almost certainly will cause breakages with older code.
On my server I have both 4 and 5, and I expect to be keeping 4 for a
long time yet.

Going up the the latest 4 will have a number of security benefits.
With a shared server, sometimes you might need to break a little badly
written code to ensure the box is secure for everyone else.

The key is communication, i.e. "For increased security and
functionality, we have upgraded to the latest version of PHP4, please
test your PHP code and applications and upgrade them accordingly".

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