[Phpwm] Next Meeting : 6th July @ 19:00 (OpenAdvantage) - MarcusBaker

Marcus Baker marcus at lastcraft.com
Sat Jun 24 18:40:21 BST 2006


Peter Crouch wrote:
> I'm one of the people who get confused by objects so I would prefer to
> hear Marcus talk about agile development.  Perhaps he might come again
> to speak about objects if enough people are interested.

The talk is actually aimed at people who ARE confused by objects. It's
about making that first step and why it's so hard. It's not surprising
that it's hard, given most of the reading material for a newcomer is
pretty hostile. I hope to explain what makes using objects so
psychologically different.

The more advanced talk is the project management one, but I'm happy to
do both if given enough warning. If just one talk is given then probably
the OO one is the one you want.

How big is the projector screen? How many people attend? I can follow
either talk with some workshop exercises if that would be more effective.

> Best wishes,
> Peter Crouch

yours, Marcus
Marcus Baker
marcus at lastcraft.com

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