[Phpwm] How to create a page on a server from a browser

Ray Masa raymasa at hotmail.com
Tue May 2 21:30:19 BST 2006

Hmmm....those are a few thinks I have not thought about.  Thanks for that, I 
would have to take these (and Rob Allen's) suggestions into account.


>Hi Ray,
>One thing to point out here that you may not have considered, if you are
>using a multi line text box for entry is that you will also need to replace
>any embedded control characters generated by the user's input into the text
>box to the correct HTML codes. For instance a line return will need to be
>altered from \n to a <br> tag.
>There are quite a few other bits you need to look at replacing as well, 
>notably quotes as these will cause some 'interesting' things to happen if
>you try and store the page in a database record.
>You can use ereg_replace to do this; $myvariable =
>If you are later allowing the user to edit their input you will need to
>change all these bits back as a text field will not interpret things such 
>html entities and will display the &hash codes for them.
>If you are going to give them a view before publish type page then you will
>need to work out a method of suppressing the page head information and just
>give the content data.
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