[Phpwm] How to create a page on a server from a browser

David Goodwin david at codepoets.co.uk
Tue May 2 21:37:29 BST 2006

Ray Masa wrote:
> Hmmm....those are a few thinks I have not thought about.  Thanks for 
> that, I would have to take these (and Rob Allen's) suggestions into 
> account.

1) Use prepared SQL statements; there is no chance of you then getting 
the sql sanitisation/escaping wrong :)

2) Consider using something like Smarty - I'll show how (at the meeting) 
it and a few helper functions can be used to remove any need to worry 
about HTML injection (cross site scripting etc etc)

3) If using the Javascript inline editor, I'd have thought translating a 
\n to a <br> is not necessary (surely they return html for you when the 
user clicks 'submit' anyway?)


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