[Phpwm] Commuting to Birmingham on a daily basis

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We have a position for someone matching those skills however public
transport is really a non-runner as we are just moving to out of town
offices and the business park is in a small village between Birmingham and

I take it this would be of no interest?

As an aside our current big project is for a sports wholesaler based in


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Just I'd pop this question to you guys, as you may have experience.

I live in Aldridge and looking for a better position as a PHP MYSQL XHTML
CSS bod, that is more web-standards aware than my current company, and
better paid ;)

It looks like Birmingham or Wolverhampton is where I'll find joy, but was
wondering how you folks get on commuting to Brum using public transport. I
own a car but share it with the missus for the school run etc, and I'd have
to use the train/bus ;) ( no jokes about trouser-wearing please! LOL )

I'm sure some of you guys have offices in Brum, and thought I'd ask if using
the train/bus is a workable option. I know its totally subjective as it all
depends on where you actually live, but I thought I'd ask in general anyway.



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