[Phpwm] Commuting to Birmingham on a daily basis

Phil Beynon phil at infolinkelectronics.co.uk
Wed Feb 14 12:39:46 GMT 2007

> Hi,
> > It looks like Birmingham or Wolverhampton is where I'll find joy, but
> > was wondering how you folks get on commuting to Brum using public
> > transport. I own a car but share it with the missus for the school run
> > etc, and I'd have to use the train/bus ;) ( no jokes about
> > trouser-wearing please! LOL )
> >
> If you live near a train station then it would probably be quite easy to
> get to Birmingham. From living in Walsall, I did find that the train
> service to Birmingham is not exactly stellar (perhaps Aldridge is on a
> different line?).
> > I'm sure some of you guys have offices in Brum, and thought I'd ask if
> > using the train/bus is a workable option. I know its totally subjective
> > as it all depends on where you actually live, but I thought I'd ask in
> > general anyway.
> It also depends on what working hours you can do - being able to do e.g.
> 10-6 would make a big difference to the time stuck in traffic compared
> with 9-5.
> thanks
> David.
> --
> David Goodwin

Having worked four times over the years (Typewriter Centres, Royce Thompson,
MBS & Alphatronics) for city centre companies my answer woould be simple -
Its basically just too much hassle, expense and irritation - there's plenty
of places on the periphery or in the suburbs that pay as much and simply
don't give you that level of daily grind.


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