[Phpwm] Opportunity to teach your PHP knowledge to me

Kevin Golding php at caomhin.demon.co.uk
Fri Mar 2 10:10:56 GMT 2007

Someone, quite probably Rob Allen, once wrote:
>At the end of the day, I'd rather quote for doing the job :) Though I
>suspect that my company would be far to expensive!

Depends on whether we're talking a reasonably compensation for the
training and your hourly rates.  A quick search suggests the average PHP
course is around £1000.  One on one tuition possibly double that?  Once
you factor in that the student is receiving an undefined length of
training (with all due respect to the original poster most of us don't
know his current PHP level or his ability to learn).  Also, once
complete, the student would be in possession of a production ready
website ready to earn them money.  I'd guess a specialist training
company could easily quote £5000+ for such a task.

The original poster said they'd been estimated 20 man hours of work, add
25% and we'll assume 25 hours in reality.  Even if you knock off £1000
for a standard PHP training course elsewhere that would make an hourly
rate of £160.  Now if you're saying you're "far too expensive" for
someone talking £160/hour I'm curious what your hourly rates are :-)

Although more seriously, I got the impression that the original poster
was after something less expensive than those figures.  Which is
probably why the experienced trainers out there are shying away and why
Rob thinks he'd be too expensive even just doing the job himself
(especially if he's budgeting in a third-party training course too).

The same request on a random web-dev list would probably get snapped up
quite quickly because there seems to be a lot of people around who don't
value their time/experience as highly as the more experienced people on
this list do.

Then again, I'd echo Phil's suggestion of just knuckling down and trying
it alone.  At 20 man hours I'd assume the project is within the realm of
someone with a basic grounding in PHP providing they have a few books
and a helpful mailing list to help out when they get stuck.  It would
take a bit longer but it would probably make a good learning exercise in
itself and the costs would be pretty negligible compared to paying
someone a fair rate.


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