[Phpwm] .hta files

sukh virdee sukh_virdee at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 7 23:34:50 GMT 2007

I was given a list of files the other day and instructed to investigate.... 
Basically, it's a pretty looking app, DHTML intensive, which allows a user 
to go through what is primarily a help based Q&A system to drill down to the 
answer. The answer was the data i needed to get out to use in my own app.

Anyway, it worked fine on my Windows desktop locally, however, when I 
uploaded it onto the Web server, it fell to bits!

I discovered the core of the app was calling a .hta file, which I have now 
found out is only windows compliant!

Has anybody managed to get such files runing in a LAMP environment? Would it 
run under IIS? (*>shudders at the thought)


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