[Phpwm] Job for web programmer

Phil Beynon phil at infolinkelectronics.co.uk
Fri Mar 9 10:33:14 GMT 2007

> Looking at the situation from the other side of the fence, I'm a
> recruitment
> consultant, and I try to focus on the open source market.  PHP developers
> are very much in demand at the moment, as open source becomes ever more
> popular across the board.
> I get a lot a feedback from people saying that they don't like to
> deal with
> recruitment agencies, but I would appreciate any constructive
> feedback as to
> why this is, and what I can do to overcome it.  As good developers are
> becoming increasingly more in demand, surely there must be a
> place for good
> quality recruitment consultancies?
> Cheers,
> Will.

Possibly because employers know that when they have gotten someone from an
agency they know that person is still on the agencies books and will still
be informed of other potentilal jobs. More so after the initial 6 month
period after which the agencies fees are guaranteed, since at that point
after the agency has been paid if they relocate that person they can get
another set of fees elsewhere, in the process often completely screwing up
whatever project that person is working on for the employer.

Or is that me just being overly cynical! :-)


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