[Phpwm] Job for web programmer

Katherine Goodwin kat at codepoets.co.uk
Fri Mar 9 11:15:16 GMT 2007

> When I was looking for jobs I noticed that they were very few
> companies even willing to let you work from home even 1 or 2 days a
> week. Obviously face to face communication is the most effective form
> and meetings are required sometimes. But when doing development work I
> really can't see why it should matter if you're sitting at a computer
> in a office or at your house as, long as you're delivering results.
I used to think that remote working would work fine for us, but the 
difference in productivity when we're all working in the same place is 
I don't think it's about people slacking, (although inevitably in some 
cases that's going to come into it) it's more about teamwork and 
knowledge distribution.  Having everyone in the same place makes 
communication so much easier.  Also, even though there are collaborative 
tools, I'd have to be convinced that pair programming can work as well 
in a distributed environment, and we do a lot of that at times.  I think 
that working in the same room every day makes us a better team.  This is 
the reason why we stick to an open plan workspace.  I guess if we had 
separate offices we might as well be working at home, but as it is, with 
the exception of one contractor that we've been working with for a 
while, I would think very hard before taking someone on who couldn't 
work in our office most of the time.


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