[Phpwm] Software environments

ibalm at cas-auditbase.co.uk ibalm at cas-auditbase.co.uk
Fri Mar 9 16:44:38 GMT 2007

This is not really a PHP question, more an opportunity for some consultancy
for someone who feels they may have the relevant skills/knowledge.


In another life (outside of PHP) I am involved with a company which does
transport software. We are in the process of designing a major re-write of
the system. It is now agreed that all our clients should have their data
stored in a single database (MSSQL 2005 at present) and this database will
need to be able to hold millions of transactions. There are many advantages
for the visibility and co-operation aspects of the process in doing this.


It is to be a 'web-based' system in that it should be accessible through a
browser, but there is a difference of opinion about the general environment
in which it should be run. There appear to be 3 options:-


a)       A full web based system i.e. no software downloaded to the client.

b)       An application running on a server accessed through Citrix.

c)       Some combination of the above.


Most of the application is straightforward and lends itself happily to
standard web pages and with Ajax being around most of what we need can be
done effectively this way.


However there are a couple of planning type screens in the current (locally
installed) system which rely greatly on a speedy responsive, quick resorting
of the data on the screen etc. Some people feel that a fully web based
system could not achieve this.


What we are looking for is a suitable 'expert' who is capable of discussing
the pros and cons of the 3 approaches.


Anyone interested?

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