[Phpwm] [OT] Recruitment companies again!

Phil Beynon phil at infolinkelectronics.co.uk
Tue Mar 20 15:03:25 GMT 2007

> >> > Nope..didnt find that funny at all.  I personally have been trying to
> >> > become W3C compliant myself.  I have finally achieved properly
> >> formatted
> >> > body tags, but I think my head tags are still messed up…..for some
> >> > reason I keep losing my mind.  Must be my meta tags are all whacked
> >> out.
> >>
> >
> > I think phil was remarking on the fact that someone could be "W3C
> > compliant"
> > as opposed to the code they write being W3C complient.
> > I personally can't say I fould it that humerous.
> Perhaps we need to add <sarcasm> tags to the w3c standard?
> David.
> --
> David Goodwin

I wasn't really expecting people to be rolling on the floor as such.......
it was more an observation about how 'specialist' recruitment companies use
these bits of terminology trying to sell something when in actual fact all
they do is insert little acronyms that they think might be suitable.
Maybe if I ever recruit someone I shall specify to an agency I only want
someone with a working knowledge of LRF.

Never mind. I'll get back to something ridiculously complicated for the rest
of the afternoon!


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