[Phpwm] Security Feature

Phil Beynon phil at infolinkelectronics.co.uk
Fri Mar 23 16:07:41 GMT 2007

> I did come across a good idea a year or so ago where a user would click 
> on different spots on an large-ish image, and where the clicks occurred 
> was used as a means of authentication.
> e.g click on 5 different places on a picture of a street like on a car, 
> some blonde's head, a telegraph pole etc etc... and the combination 
> becomes unique (as you're not likely to pick the same spots as someone 
> else). It probably had a +/- 5 pixel boundary around where you had 
> clicked to allow you to get your password right in the future ;)
> (I can't remember the url of the site now)
> David.

You could engineer a fantastic version of that for a porn site :-)


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