[Phpwm] Intellectual Property Agreements

Ben Francis lists at hippygeek.co.uk
Fri Sep 21 13:47:01 BST 2007

Zeth Green wrote:
>> But because it's becoming integral to their business, they've started to
>> ask about ownership and worry about whether I can take it away from
>> them, sell it to a competitor, start charging them a massive licence fee
>> or just do something brutal with lawyers at point-blank range.
You say that you want to be able to re-use code, so in part you *do* 
want to sell to their competitors. They say they don't want vendor 
lock-in with you.

To me the GPL is a good compromise between your needs and theirs which 
prevents their lock-in to you and allows you to re-use your own code.

If they won't go for that compromise and their business means that much 
to you, is it possible for you to give them an exclusive license for the 
program as a whole, but allow you to re-use certain parts of it. I don't 
know, IANAL.

Ben Francis

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