[Phpwm] Broadband recomendations

Lester Caine lester at lsces.co.uk
Thu Jul 28 09:11:33 UTC 2011

Mike Tipping wrote:
> About a year ago I asked for recommendations for a new broadband
> supplier and I took up someones recommendation of Webtapestry.net who
> where very good but…
> …after 2 major outages in July and a support call in which I was first
> asked me to spell ADSL then told that support was only available via
> email (but I don't have email, that’s why I need support) I need a new
> broadband supplier.
> Any recommendations, it needs to be:
>     * fairly cheap
>     * Available to us small exchange plebs
>     * Unlimited
>     * With a fixed IP address

I have two lines in here both physically supplied by BT since we are on a small 
exchange, but one is paid for via Sky since the kids have satellite TV, and much 
of the rest comes cheap.

The main line is BT Business and I'm getting 7Mb unlimited - now that they have 
sorted the mess with 'one bill' - they are an utter nightmare, and I HAVE lost 
speed from time to time, but the second line is limited to 2Mb despite paying 
Sky for their '8Mb service' which is capped - they only pay BT for 2Mb and have 
consistently claimed that the 1.5Mb we actually achieve is the best we can get! 
Bullshit and I'll drop the domestic broadband back to BT when the contract runs 
out, the kids have to use the business line to steam videos - from SKY - as the 
SKY line is too slow!

Go with BT unless there IS another provider actually in your exchange!

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