[Ryedale] More thought on this months meet

Al Girling al at gcguk.demon.co.uk
Fri Feb 19 12:29:32 UTC 2010

On Fri, Feb 19, 2010 at 11:41:24AM GMT, DaveySpeedstar.com wrote:
> If you fancy a trip to the big city :) our Monthly meetings are on the
> 1st Tuesday of the month in the Old Grey Mare, Cottingham Road Hull,
> it's the pub directly opposite Hull University campus.

Thanks for the invitation Dave, and of course anyone from HullLUG is
welcome to our meetings too.

It was because of the distances involved that I thought something like a
keysigning might make more of an event rather than just coming over for
a pint and a yarn.  I'll wait 'til the evenings have drawn out a little
more and got something together this end before posting something on the
HullLUG forum.

Toodle pip,


Alistair Girling

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