[sclug] no keyboard in gdm

Christopher West chriz_w at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 15 08:59:19 UTC 2003

I've recently changed to gentoo and after some time compiling gnome 2.2.2 
and gdm, i set about testing the programs. I started gdm from the command 
line and when it brings up the login screen i get the use of the mouse but 
every time i type on the keyboard the computer beeps. I thought that this 
was due to me starting from the console but when i added it to the runlevels 
it still had the same problem.
My next guess was to hit google, I got information to change the permission 
on xdm and to change the console window that gdm was on.  I tried these but 
the permission made no difference and changing the console window just made 
gdm not run.
I was wondering if anyone has had this problem  and knows how to solve it
thanks chris

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