[sclug] Mandrake 9 and PHP upgrade

Alex Butcher lug at assursys.co.uk
Fri Nov 14 11:50:18 UTC 2003

On Fri, 14 Nov 2003, Matt wrote:

> * James Wyper <jrwyper at yahoo.co.uk> [2003-11-14 11:24:13]:
> > 
> > So I've downloaded the source for 4.3.4, compiled, installed as per the
> > instructions, run "apachectl restart" several times and.. the PHP
> > application I'm trying to get working(the excellent gallery project
> > from sourceforge) still reports PHP version 4.2.3.
> > 
> > From browsing around the web it appears that some versions of apache
> > run with PHP support bound in somehow and that therefore you need to
> > recompile apache when you upgrade PHP.  (At present I only have the
> > binary apache 1.3.26 that came with Mandrake).


> If you do that, try building Apache with DSO support, and building PHP
> as a DSO as well, so that then your PHP will be a dynamic module, and it
> can be upgraded in the future without having to touch Apache.

Incidentally, as with Red Hat, your best bet for rebuilding Mandrake
packages will be to install the appropriate src.rpms, edit the .spec file
(/usr/src/mandrake/SPECS/foo.spec ?) and rebuild with your
customisations/updated (sub-)components. That way, the package will work in
exactly the same way as Mandrake's original, other than your changes.

Do otherwise, and you run the risk that other things that used to work will
cease to do so.

> Matt

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