[sclug] Linux Day 2004 details

Alan Cocks aec at candt.demon.co.uk
Tue Oct 5 13:05:32 UTC 2004

In article <20041004221155.GI29505 at triv.org.uk>, Simon Heywood
<simon at triv.org.uk> writes
>This is a reminder of the local Linux Day event at the University of
>Reading this Saturday (9th October)

I really regret that I cannot attend. I came to the 2002 event, and went
away with a working installation. It boosted my moral more than I can
say, even though you guys did it all for me! Thanks.

I will be on a ferry, and thinking of you. 

As an enthusiastic amateur, long time windowbox user, I have suse 9.1
(boxed professional), because it looked like I could get something up
and running in about the easiest minimum brain fashion, and take it from
there. This is certainly happening for me now - a number of dual boot
installations, and a couple of PII's non win. After my hols I will be
continuing to check out how I can get/discover about evolutiion or
similar to do what I would like, and sort out a newsreader too. Then I
will be close to more complete move to linux with out seeing too much of
the join.

It occurs to mention that for someone as I was a few months ago -
wanting linux but wanting to also be mostly looked after at first
anyway, the free suse 9.1 personal version iso download is good for newb
non networked machines. 

Their YAST is comfortingly similar to a point and click environment of a
former office life of mine, and works well. And it is still very much
linux, being quite easy to foul things up in a very inquisitive newbie
way. (and easy to reinstall similarly)

So if I could have come along I would have come with a CD of 9.1
Personal to help out....

I have not attempted to install is on less than 128Mb though.

The suse licence allows copying at your own cost and giving to someone.
(Any money transactions are not acceptable, even to cover cost of
materials, I have been in email contact with suse)

fwiw although not *exactly* on topic, it might be worth keeping in mind
that OO.org is a very useful way of first taking preparatory steps away
from a fully proprietary environment. It is multi-platform of course.

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